Shampoos: with or without essential oils.

Almocado has a wide range of products for textured hair; and we have two shampoos which are specifically formulated for interlocked and natural hair:
Stage 1 (original) and Stage 1 Peppermint Tea – both of which share the same Seaweed and Algae based formula rich in hair loving vitamins and minerals.

The Original one contains an allergen free fragrance (and smells like Caribbean Sunshine) ; while the other contains organic essential oils: Rosemary, Peppermint and Tea Tree – the combination of which gives a tingling sensation to the scalp. If you are sensitive to any of these oils, or indeed if you are pregnant, we suggest that you choose the Original Formula.
Our ethos is to be as kind to you and to the earth as possible, so we don’t use high foaming agents that might strip or damage your hair.
Both shampoos contain ecofriendly natural cleansers which means that in some locations, depending on your water hardness, they will be low sudsing.
The shampoos are concentrated so don’t keep adding more shampoo in an attempt to get more suds – you’ll just be wasting the product. You can also ‘stretch’ the shampoo or make it milder by diluting it with water in a spray bottle and spraying it directly onto your locs/scalp.
We’ve included pics of our new and old labelling so you can tell the difference between the products.
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