3 Easy Steps for Heavy Makeup Removal

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Last week has been filled with Dressing Up and Costumes Parties as kids and adults around the world have celebrated Halloween. I know there are many brands out there that provide makeup-removal products but before you open your wallet to buy any product, let me show you how you can make your existing Almocado products work for you in a novel way.

When I formulate my products, I’m constantly thinking about “what else is this ingredient good for?” and I always ask myself “how else can this be used?” – I mean, who doesn’t love a multipurpose product?  So wherever possible, my products can be used for more than one function.

For example

  • our Seal & Shine Buttermelt doubles up as a decadent body balm for soft supple skin.
  • the Avocado Honey Silk Spritz doubles up as a light sprayable lotion for instant hydration.
  • our Cooling Peppermint Tea Oil can be massaged into the abdomen in cases of indigestion or tummy ache; and is great for refreshing tired ankles and calves or deodorising sweaty feet; and
  • our aromatherapy balancing oil can be used as a makeup remover or for a balancing facial massage after a week of hard work.

Useful right?

So here are 3 steps to use Almocado to remove that heavy makeup and detox the skin.

Suggested Products for Makeup removal, cleansing and moisturising

Almocado Coco Monoi Joy, Skin Renewing Exfoliant, & Renewing Facial Serum


  1. Use CocoMonoi Joy oil (or our  Balancing blended oil). Either massage directly into the skin or apply with a cotton pad. Wipe your face with a clean cotton pad or damp muslin cloth until all traces of makeup have been removed. If you have very dry skin and very heavy makeup you can use the Almocado Pure oil blend instead – not only is the avocado oil great at dissolving stubborn residue, it’s packed full of skin loving vitamins favoured by dry and mature skins.
  2.  Scoop a 20p sized amount (I mean it, trust me less is more with this product, don’t waste it, 20p is fine, 10p at the most!) of Skin Renewing scrub into your palm and add a tablespoon of water. Rub the mixture together between palms to emulsify (watch how it expands!!) and then work the foam into your skin to deep cleanse and exfoliate. Rinse thoroughly and pat with a towel until almost dry. 
  3.  Now apply a few drops of the skin renewing facial serum to your fingertips and work into the damp skin of your face, this sinks in easily and leaves your face feeling soft and hydrated.


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